Cholesterol is an integral part of the metabolism of our body. We need cholesterol for many good actions yet it can also be harmful in excess quantities. Broadly we have two type of cholesterol
•    Good: this is high-density cholesterol or HDL as seen on our lipid profiles that we all do. Genetically as Indians we are all known to have low HDL levels making us a bit more vulnerable to this risk factor. The only way one can increase the HDL levels is by healthy diet and loads of exercise.
•    Bad: it is just the opposite of high, Low-density cholesterol or LDL is the bad part of our cholesterol and along with Triglycerides (TGL) they make a dangerous combination. Higher levels of these cause formation of plaques and can result in blockage of small arteries and in worst-case scenarios even a big tube like the aorta. We need to keep these two as low as we can, very often there may be a need or lipid lowering agents like statins to bring them under control first and then one can maintain their levels with good lifestyle changes and exercise.

2.Maintaining weight:

Obesity is a universal bugbear and has destroyed many a young population. With the advent of new technologies we have just gotten lazier and made things worse for ourselves. Obesity leads to a lot of metabolic complications and can be the cause of early onset diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension just to name a few.

Maintain the right Body mass Index (BMI= weight in relation to your body surface area)) is very important to our well being and one should try their best using good diet and regular exercise to help achieve ideal BMI (<24 keeps you away from obesity).

3. Healthy Diet:

The most important part of the wheel to help maintain a healthy living. A regular healthy diet with a good spread of carbs, fats and proteins is the key to maintaining your weight and also your energy levels.


The second most important component in the wheel of healthy living, exercise has countless benefits one of them being weight loss. In the young it helps with weight loss and conversion of bad cholesterol to good. It helps improve circulation and opens up new collateral circulations to avoid any ischemic injuries. In the old low intensity sustained exercise is helpful in maintaining joint mobility and muscle tone to keep them injury free and strong.

So what amount is good? A daily doe of 30-45 minutes of brisk walking is sufficient and a bare minimum.